Application: Plastic permeable grid-paver for the driveway and pathways

Area in square feet: 1,600 sq ft
Products used: Plastic permeable grid-paver, gravel fill, with a standard base
Construction period: June 2015

  1. Summary

Green Stormwater and Landscaping Matching Fund (GSLMF) Description: In 2014-2015 The City of Binghamton has established a Green Stormwater and Landscaping Matching Fund (GSLMF), made possible by a grant of $48,500 from a local community foundation. The GSLMF was created to help homeowners and businesses pursue small green infrastructure projects that will contribute to the City’s resilience to flooding and help improve water quality.


(a) Encourage property owners to carry out improvements that add resilience to the City’s built environment. (b) Increase the area of landmass that contributes positively to the City’s stormwater management program. (c) Fund a minimum of nine (9) projects that can be used to educate the community on the benefits of small-scale green infrastructure projects. (d) Increase the awareness of the use of green infrastructure for storm water management purposes

The GSLMF reimburse applicant for 50% of the total project cost.


The customer had broken and deteriorated asphalt driveway, water around the house, dirt and puddles on the driveway when it is raining.
Solution / Implementation:

Remove and excavate existing surface; level and grade new ground surface; fill with crushed gravel #2 for drainage and strength; install bedding layer stone and screed, install permeable grid-pavers, tamper; fill pavers with stone and final tamper.

Product application complies with most Storm Water management Policies. It will complement City of Binghamton’s request to reduce storm water and erosion problems, increased permeability will allow storm water runoff.