The Federal Government is pushing municipalities across America to reduce sediments and pollutants flowing into streams, rivers and lakes.  Indiana just received $500,000 for the cities of Gary and Holland. U.S. EPA makes $250 Million each year to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) towards: land conservation, reforestation, tree boxes, cisterns and rain barrels, downspout disconnections, wetland restoration, parks and greenways, rain gardens and bioinfiltration practices, permeable pavements, and green roofs. Money, in the form of grants and loans, however, municipalities could do more to properly educate and staff to deal this urgent need for better water management.

Municipalities need to open their arms and good will to companies and vendors who supply environmental friendly products and services. Making America “Greener” is critical. Out of the 16 top industrial nations worldwide, the US ranks 13th, just one slot above Mexico. that’s embarrassing. It also indicates that Americans take too much for granted about their natural resources and opportunities for improvement. America needs to accelerate “Green Educational” Programs and Opportunities. Start now and ask your City Mayor and Commissioner of Public Works what they are to and plan to do to make water management in their city an environmental priority.