Plastic Grid-Paver System allows water to drain or permeate into the base. Many years asphalt was the top choice for driveways because it was simple and cheap to install. With the high price of oil the price of asphalt has changed substantially. Recycling the plastic waste and putting in a plastic grid-paver system becomes slightly less expensive. Why would a homeowner or commercial agencies choose recycled Plastic Grid-Pavers: Recycled Plastic waste turns into an environmentally neutral product that will not crack and rarely needs repairs even after decades of use. It is UV resistant, frost neutral and can withstand the heat. Creating Green Environment – recycled plastic grid pavers are easy to install and give people the space that is green and still can be used for parking because the plastic grid-pavers are protecting the grass roots. Storm Water Control – Water flows through the grid-pavers into the soil, and it becomes naturally filtered. Asphalt and concrete let pollutants from a car flow straight into drains and directly into the lakes and streams, creating floods. Prevent/remedy erosion on property. Contribute to the improvement of the environment by diminishing storm water contaminants in streams and rivers. Provides groundwater recharge and reduce storm-water runoff. Preserve and prevent erosion of stream beds and river banks if property drains directly into a stream. Minimize excessive pooling in low-lying areas due to runoff. Retain water on property which will benefit plants on property. Return water to the water table on property. Mud Control – Gravel driveways without grid-pavers form muddy spots and potholes. By using a recycled plastic grid-pavers system the water flows away from the surface, gravel is on the surface, water drains into the sub-base and help control mud. Recycled plastic grid-pavers […]