Environmentally Brilliant! [Reality Check] There exist a product that is environmentally friendly, has long lasting value, and economical: it’s called the Plastic Grid-Paver. There exists a product that is not environmentally friendly, has a deteriorating value, and economically deceitful: it’s called asphalt. If you don’t value your money, use asphalt. If you value your money and time, use the Plastic Grid-Paver. If you desire potholes, black ice, smell, poison, and high maintenance, use asphalt. If you desire a durable long lasting pavement with minimal maintenance, use the Plastic Grid-Paver. If you do not care about floods, climate control, erosion and the environment, use asphalt. If you care about preventing floods and erosion while serving environmental needs, use the Plastic Grid-Paver. Reality check: Asphalt has been around for many years and you are conditioned to use it. But you have to educate yourself about the Plastic Grid-Paver in order to get out of your box. Let’s face it: Change is up to you. But your environment won’t wait for you. Keep Life Exciting: Think Forward. By Robert V Gerard Senior Partner, Green Way Pavements® © 2015 www.GreenWayPavements.com