• Spring: the mind of change Spring: the mind of change

    Spring: the mind of change

Spring: the mind of change

Spring is approaching and so are construction projects. Will the mind think about quick fix resolution (using asphalt) or will it awaken to efficiently integrating with the environment (using permeable recycled grid-pavers)? Let’s hope that this year be proud to demonstrate a major shift in the way our Landscape Architects and Civil Designers see and spec-in the benefits of new environmental products. ” I’m not that rich to buy cheap things”: a Croatian tale.

Product summary

The Green Building Council adopted industry standards and a scoring system in Year 2000 that has resulted in acceleration in the design and construction of “Green” buildings and surroundings. Their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED) has become a benchmark for architects and construction companies seeking the highly sought-after silver, gold and platinum ratings verifying the “greenness” of their projects. Recycled plastic grid-pavers serve as an excellent soil stabilization system, which is a LEED point-eligible paver that can make any building’s surroundings “green” by providing drainage, paths, walkways, and trails that grow grass and percolate up to ten inches of rainfall per hour instead of creating a solid watershed that comes with the use of solid paving materials such as asphalt or concrete. Now architects and engineers, planners and developers are thinking “Green”; designing and building eco-friendly, energy-efficient, high-performing, sustainable, and water conserving buildings and surroundings with features that promote natural over chemical, recycled over new, and renewable over expendable. While the initial cost to “go green” may be a little bit higher than using more conventional building methods and materials, the payback in energy efficiency, water conservation, and even worker productivity easily exceeds those initial costs.

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Plastic Grid-Paver Installation Information

Choose a design for your new pavement system Map out and mark area where Grid-Pavers will be installed Excavate designated area to specifications Prep excavated area with base material Install Grid-Pavers and fill Pavers can be filled with topsoil and seeded with grass, or filled with gravel.