“What is living green?” 

  • Living green means that you serve the community and the planet consciously by being in harmony with Nature. By recycling, practicing water conservation, using energy efficiently, as with solar power, and not interfering with GMO or chemicals are basic examples of “living green.”

what is sustainable living/why is it important?” 

  • Sustainability is about long-term behaviors and goals that keep the “Living Green” awareness perpetuating. The importance of this action determines socio-economic growth and stability, encourages investments, and better aids in the design and planning process.

“How do grid-pavers help living green?” 

  • Grid-pavers that offer permeability serve to redirect rainwater and storm water surges from not destroying the sewer treatment facilities, streams and rivers. Most forms of permeability permit rainwater to be absorbed directly and immediately into the ground. This aids in the leaching and purification process were the waters become better filtered into the water table, which in turn, finds its way into the rivers.