Fake modesty aside we think we are distributing a great product with more benefits than actual flaws. At the point when this is also confirmed by a satisfied customer all possible doubts are gone.

So here’s the whole letter, re-typed, only because some might find it unreadable.

Date: 4/14/14

To: Green Way Pavements


Just thought I would send a short note on how happy we are with our Green Way driveway.

After enduring 42 years of streams of water running down our driveway, canoeing some basement flooding, dirt in the garage and other problems, I’m happy to say all those problems have been resolved.

Despite numerous heavy rains and snow we have experienced no problems.

  • The garage has had no water
  • The garage has had no mud
  • No ice has formed at the bottom of the driveway
  • No streams of water in the driveway

I’d recommend Green Way Pavements for anyone having these problems.

Davis S.

Vestal, NY 13850