• Plastic Grid-Paver Products are made of recycled plastics.
  • Life span over 20 years.
  • Simple one-time, quick and effortless installation.
  • Lightweight to easily handle and install.
  • Plastic Grid-Pavers can be easily cut-to-fit around obstacles during the installation.
  • Plastic Grid-Pavers can be filled with a sand and soil mix then planted with grass, filled with gravel, or aggregate filled depending on the client’s design option.
  • Strength and stability is excellent with the special design feature.
  • Designed with perforations both horizontally and vertically to quickly allow drainage of liquid through paver system.
  • Expansion and contraction due to weather changes are minimal with the unique design.
  • Plastic Grid-Pavers can percolate over 10” of water per hour with the appropriate aggregate fill.
  • Plastic Grid-Pavers have a run-off coefficient of around 1.5% while solid paving (asphalt and concrete) has a minimum run-off coefficient of 95%.

Another hidden, but realistic economical and environmental benefit relates to reduced delivery and installation cost. More plastic grid-paver products can be delivered for less and installation requires less intrusive tasks and equipment providing savings on fuel and equipment usage.

Comparison to other paving materials.

Price Comparison Chart – Plastic Grid Pavers- Asphalt – Concrete

Typical Plastic Grid-Pavers structure:

GreenWay PaverGrid_24JAn17