Previous Condition
Beautiful upscale house located on downhill sloping street. Excessive water generated from neighboring house (above) into yard and driveway. Existing asphalt driveway very unstable, deteriorates quickly and contributes to runoff. Uncontrolled water then drains onto lower neighbor’s house.

Desired Solution
(1) Catch and reroute upper neighbors watershed. (2) Reconstruct driveway and not allow water to accumulate in front of house and garage. (3) Expand driveway to include additional parking space. (4) Prevent any excess water to drain onto lower house property. (5) Seek environmental friendly construction that will not require constant repair and maintenance.

(1) Created 2 large stone catch basins (A&B) on each side of house. Constructed one deep French Drain “A” that intersected upper house drainage and connected to catch basis “A”. Covered top of French Drain with stone and plastic grid-pavers creating a permeable pathway. Dug another French Drain in front area of house running through driveway area base and around house into Catch Basin “B”. Excavated 8 inches on upper side of driveway to 12 inches on lower side of driveway. Used excessive excavation as fill for addition parking space. Laid down gravel base across the entire driveway area and paved with plastic grid-pavers, which were filled with Pennsylvanian Blue Stone.

Achieved complete elimination of drainage problems. Flat permeable pathways, a smooth driveway with an addition parking space, aesthetically beautiful and increased property value. And satisfied customers and neighbors.