Growing Ignorance”

There appears to be a great deal of ignorance circumventing our new President and the Republican Party with regards to the environment. Without a vivacious and sustainable environment, you have nothing. Maybe your denial can lead your imagination to living on the moon or Mars, but as the Earth goes, we’d better respect her. She is not a resource as she is the Source (with a capital “S”). If you forget who your parents are, your in trouble. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Not to recognize climate change and the reduced need for petroleum fuel borders stupidity. Not to recognize that the United States of America is the nation of environmental leadership, but rather greed, is deplorable. We have the intelligence and people to help change and protect the resources on this planet. To put that in a bag and hide that in the closet undermines the values American dreamt about for the past 6o decades.

Yes, we did put a man on the moon. Yes, we now have self-driving vehicles. No we have no political drive to environmentally succeed. It’s a shame to say the least. Understandably, we want our big business to grow and increase their profits, but not at the cost of our environment.

In 2016, the Southwest section of the United States underwent a disastrous draught. Now in early 2017, the rain won’t stop and floods and destruction is everywhere. Sewer treatment plants are overwhelmed with storm water surges, which results in operational failure and polluted rivers. Sea levels are raising causing water inundation along the coastlines, especially in our cities. The US NAVY Command has asked Congress to fund projects to elevate structures within our Naval Bases to accommodate road access and dock functioning. As the myriad of issues mount, yet our current politicians close their eyes. There’s something dramatically wrong with this picture.

Green Way Pavements supports the sciences and new technologies that favor environmental sustainability. There should be no doubt that the facts presented by our scientists are under minded. Efforts to promote environmental education to the public and our politicians must become a priority.