Plastic Grid-Paver/Frame for Concrete Inserts

Plastic Grid-Paver/Frame for concrete inserts used for permeable ground reinforcement 100% recycled content Permeable ground reinforcement Variable and flexible applications Heavy load capacities Easy maintenance, long lasting Environmentally neutral 100% recycled content Applications of the Plastic Grid-Paver/Frame for concrete inserts Town and village squares Parks Footpaths and cycle lanes Parking areas Emergency access roads Road shoulders Traffic islands Roundabouts Entrances and exits Railway and tramway construction Rainwater retention Storage areas and landfills Logistics surfaces Loading areas Shooting ranges Agriculture Holding areas Farm management and loading areas

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Solar Electricity

How It Works? Most solar electric systems we install today are “grid-tied” and have no batteries. These types of systems send electricity to your loads (electricity-using devices) or to the grid (selling it back to the utility for use elsewhere). In most states, the utility is obligated to buy back the excess. Solar electricity will always flow to the loads first, since that is the path of least resistance. All this means that you can have solar electricity without the need for batteries. However, if you want to have electricity during power outages, you will still want to get batteries, or alternatively, a back-up generator. If you have frequent power outages (say several times per month), then battery backup is a good idea. If power outages are not frequent (once a year or less), then it will be more cost-effective to get a generator instead, along with a pure grid tie solar electric system. One of the great things about a pure grid tie solar electric system is that it has very minimal maintenance requirements. A “pure grid tie” solar electric system consists of Photovoltaic (PV) solar modules Roof rack or ground-mount racks Inverters Disconnects Wiring, conduit, junction boxes The majority of PV modules on the market today are made with silicon solar cells. This fact is one reason why the widespread use of solar power is possible and perhaps even inevitable! Silicon is the second most common element on Earth. Sand is made of silicon dioxide! The solar cell is a semiconductor device, the simplest one in fact. It is a single P-N junction, like a simple diode. In contrast, your computer’s silicon brain has something like 200 million P-N junctions! The P-N junction […]

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Plastic Grid-Paver Systems


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