Application: Permeable Grid-Paver for the Parking Lot
Area in square feet: 7,300 sq ft
Products used: Permeable Grid-Paver, gravel fill, with a standard base, and car parking markers
Construction period: December 2014


Green Way Pavements and Glenn L. Johnson & Associates along with Buranich Excavating are working with Peoples Securities Bank to demonstrate how commercial properties can implement 100% recycled Permeable Grid-Pavers in the town of Nichols, PA.

  1. Summary

Green Initiatives and Stormwater Management for commercial entities, like Peoples Security Bank are retrofitting green in their sustainability plans.

An rundown house was torn down to make-way for a new Parking area. Using the Permeable Grid-Pavers system application, dirty water infiltrates into the soil to filter out contaminates from entering the waterways, but is durable enough for truck parking and winter snow removals.

Solution / Implementation:

Remove and excavate existing surface; level and grade new ground surface; fill with crushed gravel #2 for drainage and strength; install bedding layer stone and screed, install Permeable Grid-Pavers, tamper; install car parking markers, fill pavers with stone and final tamper.

The Permeable Grid-Pavers system reduces Urban Heat Index and river velocities. Implementing permeable parking areas, can improve the water infiltration, increase property value, conserve energy, enhance wildlife habitat, while saving money on more costly pipe infrastructure for stormwater management. Green Infrastructure benefits landscape, is multifunctional, and ascetically pleasing.