• Lateral Yard Drainage Solution

Lateral Yard Drainage Solution

Previous Condition Beautiful upscale house located on downhill sloping street. Excessive water generated from neighboring

  • DIY / Residential

DIY / Residential

Using plastic grid-paver as a base for hot tubs, patios, tractor garden ramp, dog kennel, and

Green roofing

In order to have a sustainable house you need an efficient and lightweight base. There

  • Events / Aviation

Events / Aviation

With numerous benefits and the fact that it is 100% made of recycled plastic, grid-paver is

  • Erosion / Mud control

Erosion / Mud control

Fight environmental conditions and eliminate serious problems connected with poor drainage and hazardous erosion by

  • Stalls / Equestrian

Stalls / Equestrian

Solve your mud problem connected to soil compaction and poor water drainage. Waste no time

  • Golf / Camping

Golf / Camping

Prevent uncontrolled compaction of the soil while allowing mud-free, bare-free and stable dry areas for

  • Garden / Landscaping

Garden / Landscaping

Create whatever you imagine with a smart interlocking grid system that keeps your surrounding areas

  • Driveways / Access Roads

Driveways / Access Roads

Eliminate a problem of constant gravel spreading across your driveway. Save time and money with