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Welcome to Green Way Pavements®

Green Way Pavements® is the Distributor of environmentally friendly products, specializing in recycled plastic grid-paver systems.

At Green Way Pavements® we spell success with morality, sincerity, and honesty. Our team is committed to delivering the very best of our experience and resources towards bringing our clients the utmost satisfaction in their building and design needs.

Green Way Pavements®,PO BOX 2927, Binghamton NY 13902.

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The Ownership Structure of the Company and  Management:

Company is owned by Managing Members: Zeljka Roksandic and Dr. Robert V Gerard.


About the Owners:

Ms. Zeljka Roksandic brings focus, tenacity and creativity to each of her pursuits. Graceful, yet powerful, she seeks to complete what she begins. In her earlier years, working as a teacher, she collaborated with the UNESCO Healthy City Program to help people regain their composure and self-worth after the civil war in Yugoslavia.

While raising two children, she started a successful boutique, designed her clothing line. After relocating to Porec, Croatia, a resort town, she started a pizzeria restaurant, but gradually shifted into the construction business building apartment complexes.

In 2001, she joined forces with Dr. Robert Gerard, and helped him manage a worldwide book and seminar tour. As that relationship blossomed, they expanded the Program, wrote and published seven books, and initiated a Holistic Psychological Counseling Service.

Upon relocating herself to the US, she started Green Way Pavements (GWP), a construction environmental materials company. As CEO of GWP, her focus served to enhance the momentum of “Going Green” within the construction industry. Her role accentuates that GWP can help shift many out-dated mind-sets in America, which in turn encourages change and better prospects towards “green environment.”

Zeljka’s philosophy centers around sustaining high standards of business, and achieve a flourishing business with satisfied customers. Her goal is first to lay a solid foundation for growth, educate our customer base, and secondly, solicit regional expansion. She sees these endeavors to be an exciting venture of change and to spread optimism throughout America.

She earned an Applied Arts Degree in the Department of English, at the Pedagogy Academy of Zagreb, Croatia (1977) and a B.A. Degree in the Pedagogy Education (1978), and in English Language and Literature Department (1983) at University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of Philosophy, Zadar.

In Ms. Roksandic’s free time, her talents as a poet, musician and fine artist easily consume her. She loves to learn, and mastering Web Site Design and making videos brightens her day.

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Dr. Robert Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. For 12 years, he served as an Executive Trainer-Coach Consultant and Organizational Development Specialist.

Since joining Green Way, Gerard has followed the controversial battle between cultural complacency  and exploring the more efficient environmental products and techniques. Another subject is Storm Water Taxation and Municipal Management or the so called “Rain Tax.” These evolutions prove bothersome to legislators, enforcement, and notably, the taxpayer. We need to get our Landscaping and Civil Engineers to lean the benefits of new environmental products and technique.

Gerard has degrees in Civil Engineering, Social Psychology, Management and Philosophy. He has authored eleven books and traveled worldwide, which enables him to reflect on a holistic problem-solving approach.

Gerard grew up not too far from La Guardia Airport. Italian. Catholic like. Quite analytical and with a great sense of the abstract. Feel good looking, but most important: honest. Always like to meet good people. Love to chat. And trying to find more time. Married to a powerful woman (she’s the boss, so I am the innovator).

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