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Plastic Grid-Paver System

Made of recycled plastics. Simple one-time, quick and effortless installation. Lightweight to easily handle and install.

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Made of recycled plastics. Simple one-time, quick and effortless installation. Lightweight to easily handle and install.Learn More


Plastic Grid-Paver System allows water to drain or permeate into the base. Many years asphalt was the top choice for driveways because it was simple and cheap to install.Learn More


Relatively maintenance free, requiring only basic lawn maintenance (watering, fertilizer and mowing) for grass filled pavers.Learn More


Both economically and ecologically friendly by replacing asphalt and concrete with a Green alternative!Learn More

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What Clients Say

What wonders you create!! Our new paver addition is awesome, admired. Perfect and we cannot thank you enough. I am so delighted with this interesting and serviceable pavers, and it has been a long time trying to figure out what to do with a good idea gone wrong and no way to really fix it!
Pokey Crocker, The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier
Finally someone came up with an idea to manage mud around livestock! This is particularly great here in the Northwest with our many days of rain and mild temperatures.
Brenda Armstrong, Port Orchard, WA
The paddock area outside the stalls is so easy to clean. My costs of shavings has drastically been reduced because the horses prefer to go outside now.
Cindy Borgen, Bainbridge Island, WA
I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the EcoGrid you installed on my farm. It has made such a difference! No more standing water or mud outside the stalls. It’s just great. It certainly makes doing my barn chores much easier.
Lorraine D. Newland, Broken Fish Ranch, WA

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